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Open Strings in Music Notation

As we learn guitar notes, we can consider the open strings as points of reference. After mastering the open strings in notation, check out our music notation reading sequence.

open guitar strings in music notation

Try saying each string name and information about the note head location, while playing the open string. As the string is articulated, such as the Low E string, say 'this is string E, the lowest string, it is written as a note head in the minus four space, the space beneath the 3rd ledger line beneath the staff. It has 3 flat hats.' We see the note-head location in our minds.

Four at a Time

open string exercise trebles four at a time

Two, Then One

open string exercise treble strings in twos then one

Treble Bouncing

open string exercise trebles

With a Mini-E minor Chord

open string exercise with triplestop


open string exercise doublestops

In 2's

open string exercise bass in 2's

Low Opens

open string exercise bass


reading the open strings on guitar, mixing the opens

Easy Fingerpicking Arpeggio

arpeggio in notation for open strings

Super Boring Duet

duet using open strings

A Little Less Boring

duet using open strings